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Plastic gearbox:
reliable & maintenance-free

The gearbox technology

Gearboxes are used to adapt the speed and torque of motors so that they are suitable for the specific requirements of machines and processes.

Our drygear® gearboxes made of high-performance plastic: lubrication-free, lightweight and impact-resistant
All igus® plastic gearboxes are modular; they can be extended as required and integrated into existing systems. The drygear® gearboxes are especially popular for robot arms used in quality control or sorting. Gearboxes also come into play with rotary axes or sliding applications, pusher applications or format adjustments.Our gearboxes are the ideal solution for various automation processes.
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What you will find on this page:

Discover the range of our gearbox solutions

Versatile and flexible applications with modular gearboxes

Strain wave gear

Strain wave gear

  • Compact, quiet and efficient
  • Areas of application: precise motion transmission, low torques
  • Suitable for: small robot arms

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Rotary axes

Worm gears

  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Areas of application: high torques, slow movement, secure position holding
  • Suitable for: Conveyor technology, robotics, lifting systems, part-turn actuators
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Worm gears

Rotary axis with motor

  • Compact and easy to install
  • Areas of application: 360° movement
  • Suitable for: Turntables for mounting applications, camera panning in photography
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Modular gearbox system

Apiro®, the modular gearbox system

  • Modular lightweight construction
  • Areas of application: wide range of requirements, flexibility in design
  • Suitable for: Automation, robotics, industry, manual and motorised drives
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drygear® planetary gearbox

Planetary gearbox

  • High transmission ratios
  • Areas of application: high torques in a compact design
  • Suitable for: CNC machines, robotics, packaging machines
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Other gearboxes and drive components

Discover our wide range of high-quality solutions for industrial systems and robotics applications. Optimise the performance of your application with our gearbox technology!
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Our new gearbox products in 2024
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Advantages of the drygear® gearbox technology



Manufacturing with injection moulding or 3D printing guarantees cost efficiency and creates the geometrical freedom to optimise use of installation space. The flexible modular system allows the gearboxes to be expanded as desired and integrated into existing systems. 

Lubrication and maintenance-free

Lubrication-free drygear® gearbox technology uses plastic gears made of high-performance polymers. The gearboxes require no external lubricants, so they are resistant to dirt. No maintenance is necessary, so associated costs are eliminated.


Sustainability Our gearboxes require not a single drop of lubricating oil. This benefits not only our users, but also the environment. Our tribologically optimised materials also generate less abrasion, which means less energy is needed.



Thanks to motion plastics®, drygear® plastic gearboxes impress with ultra-light materials. This results in much less noise and vibration. For you as an operator, plastic gears - for example in robots - lead to an application that is up to four times quieter. 


Temperature Gearboxes that function reliably in either particularly warm or cold environments? The drygear® gearbox technology products can withstand almost all conditions. We also have gearboxes and motors in our product range that are suitable for extreme temperatures from -30°C to +180°C. 

Tested and proven

Icon tested Around 50 in-house drygear® test stations are available for individual customer tests. We also test our gearboxes daily for active research and development. 


Apiro® configurator

Kinematics tailored to your needs

Enter your requirements into the Apiro® modular gearbox system online configurator and receive an application overview. The input can be queried as an offer, or you can easily download your configuration as a CAD file. 
  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Optional accessories such as motors and motor control systems
  • Fast delivery (ready to ship starting in 24 hours)
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Application examples for gearbox technology

Automated format adjustment for the packaging and beverage industry

Easy handling - operated manually or automatically

Einfach, schnell und unkompliziert Formatverstellungen durchführen. Mit dem modularen Apiro® Getriebebaukasten, können Sie durch verschiedene Übersetzungen, aber auch Längenvarianten, Ihre passende Gassenverstellung aufbauen.

Assembly in minutes and simple replacement of gearboxes

Assemble stepper motors on rotary axis joints.
Replace motor with worm gear in a robolink® joint

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