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Modular drylin® drive technology

Drive technology overview
The drylin® drive technology offers lubrication-free linear axes that are driven with a lead screw, toothed belt or gear rack. Electric and manual drives via hand wheels or electric motors are possible. In addition to numerous standard versions, you can also find linear drives for special needs at igus®, such as lightweight and ready-to-install linear axes made of plastic or solid stainless steel linear modules for heavy loads.

The drive systems feature long service life, precision, and high reliability. The drylin® drive technology is also dirt-resistant, lightweight, quiet, and suitable for almost any application and industries from all over the world. All linear modules can also be customised in our drive technology configurator . Our preconfigured products are ready to ship in just 24hrs. Custom production from just 48 hours!
What you will find on this page:

Our linear axes at a glance

All of our linear drives from igus® drive technology do not require the use of external lubricants. The movement of the linear modules is implemented either via lead screws, toothed belts or gear racks. We provide you with suitable solutions for the most individual applications.
igus linear axes with lead screw

Linear axes with lead screw

  • Installation sizes from Ø 6 to 50mm
  • Self-locking trapezoidal thread
  • For manual and electric adjustments
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Linear axes with toothed belt

Linear axes with toothed belt

  • For fast positioning
  • For stroke lengths of up to 3,000mm
  • Also available as a cantilever axis and reverse axis
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igus linear axis with gear rack

Linear axes with gear rack

  • Linear modules with rack and pinion drive
  • Ideal in multi-axial constructions
  • Ready for connection with motor and control system
More information
igus XY tables

XY tables for adjustment tasks

  • Linear modules with two adjustment directions
  • For work surfaces of up to 500mm x 500mm
  • Extensive accessories for manual and electrical operation
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When do I use which drive for my system?

lead srew

Lead screw drive

Lead screw drives offer high load capacity and are ideal for applications where precision and force transfer are important. They are well suited for vertical movements and heavy load applications. The lead screw drive ensures strong and accurate positioning.
toothed belt

Toothed belt drive

Toothed belt drives are ideal for applications that require high speeds and dynamic movements. They offer high acceleration and repeatability. The toothed belt drive enables low-friction and quiet movement.

Rack and pinion drive

Rack and pinion drives offer a combination of high speed, precision and load capacity. They are particularly suitable for long distances and horizontal movements. The rack and pinion drive allows smooth and strong movement along the axis.

Benefits of drylin® drive technology

Lubrication and maintenance-free

Lubrication-free The drylin® drive technology uses plastic plain bearings made of high-performance polymers. The linear units do not require any external lubricants. Maintenance is not necessary, so that the associated costs are eliminated.



drylin® drive technology is based on the plain bearing principle instead of recirculating ball bearing systems. This results in much less noise and vibration. For you as the operator, the application with the linear unit is up to four times quieter. 



drylin® drive technology distinguishes itself from its metallic counterparts not only with its technical advantages, such as freedom from lubrication and maintenance, but also costs up to 30% less. The linear drives of the drylin® ECON series are particularly cost-effective.


Sustainability Our drive technology does not require a single drop of lubricating oil. This benefits not only our users, but also the environment. Our tribologically optimised materials also generate less abrasion, which means less energy is needed.


Temperature Are you looking for linear units that function reliably in either particularly warm or cold environments? The drylin® drive technology products can withstand almost all conditions. We also have the right linear units for you in our product portfolio for extreme temperatures from -30°C to +180°C. 

Customisable & ready to connect

Ready to connect icon The linear drives from igus® can be ordered with the desired stroke length and with a manual or electric drive. They are delivered ready for connection, which guarantees you significant time savings. Now configure a linear drive according to your needs.


Drive technology configurator

Individual linear drives according to your wishes

With the online configurator for drive technology, after entering your requirements, you will receive linear drives with lead screw, toothed belt or rack and pinion drive, which you can configure according to your needs. Motors, motor control systems and other accessories for your linear drives can also be ordered directly.
  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Optional accessories
  • Detailed parts list
  • Fast delivery* (ready to ship within 48 hours)
To the drive technology configurator
* If you want things to go very quickly: You can also find preconfigured linear drives with and without electric motors in our drive technology online shop.

Application examples of drive technology

Further information about drylin® drive technology

Free sample

Sample Order your free drylin® miniature linear module in a practical glasses case now and take a look at our products yourself.
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Matching electric motors

Electric motors Find suitable stepper, DC and EC motors for electric drives in the electric motor online shop.
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Free white paper

Drive technology white paper Linear axis with toothed belt or lead screw drive? Find out when to use which drive elements.
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Frequently asked questions from our customers


Which drive system do I use for which application?

Our different linear drives offer a wide variety of advantages for all kinds of applications.
  1. Toothed belt drives offer high acceleration and repeatability. They are therefore particularly suitable for pick-and-place machines, packaging systems, 3D printers and other applications where fast and precise positioning is required. 

  2. Lead screw drives offer high load capacity, precision and power transmission. They are therefore well suited for CNC milling, laser marking machines, machine tools and robotics applications. The lead screw drive ensures strong and accurate positioning.

  3.  Rack and pinion drives offer a combination of high speed, precision and load capacity. Applications for linear drives with gear rack can be found in material handling, packaging, assembly line automation, and other areas where rapid, accurate positioning over longer distances is required.

Can I use linear axes from igus® in contaminated areas?

Yes! The drylin® E linear drives do not require additional lubricants and are therefore particularly resistant to contamination. Our drive systems can even be used with sand, swarf and dust.

How do I achieve the lowest possible installation height when using linear axes?

We have put together a selection of narrow and flat linear units for particularly small installation spaces. You can choose from linear axes with lead screw or toothed belt drives, which can be driven manually or by motor.

You can also use our ready-to-install linear modules for motorised lead screws drives. Thanks to the direct lead screw support in the motor, which is connected directly to your new linear module and therefore does not require a motor flange or coupling, up to 35% installation space can be saved with the drive elements, depending on the version.

What accessories are available for linear axes?

At igus® you will find numerous technical accessories for manual and electric drives. Our portfolio ranges from operating elements such as position indicators and hand wheels up to fastening and assembly accessories and individual electric motors in a wide variety of designs. Here you will find an overview of all linear module accessories

What is the maximum length of a linear axis?

For very long travels, we offer a endless gear linear module. This is based on a rack and pinion drive and can be expanded almost endlessly using an interlocking carriage profile. Several carriages can also be controlled in parallel or independently of one another.


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