drylin® R shaft guides

Components within the drylin® R shaft guides are identically dimensioned as recirculating ball bearings - in contrast, the drylin® R systems minimise noise emissions and reduce surface pressure by the larger contact area between guide and shaft. This allows the use of soft shaft materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre. All in all, the largest range of shafts is available in the programme of shaft linear guides with seven different materials. In combination with three different bearing types made of solid plastic, aluminium or stainless steel as well as five linear liners for different environments, drylin® R is suitable for maximum flexibility and all applications. The unique geometry of the bearing liners ensures a firm hold in the housing by means of a positive locking. This is contrary to glued or pressed solutions even under extreme conditions such as temperature, pressure, impacts and water. As required, a quick replacement of the individual linear liner is also possible.


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drylin® R aluminium shaft, AWMP

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drylin® R aluminium shaft, tube I hollow shaft, AWMR
drylin® R steel shaft, SWM, 1.1213
drylin® R steel shaft, SWMH, 1.1213 hard-chromed
drylin® R stainless steel shaft, EWM, 1.4112
drylin® R stainless steel shaft, EEWM, 1.4034
drylin® R stainless steel shaft, EWMR, 1.4301
drylin® R stainless steel shaft, EWMS, 1.4571
drylin® R aluminium shaft, supported, AWMU, EN AW 6061/6060
drylin® R steel shaft, supported, SWUM, 1.1213
drylin® R stainless steel shaft, supported, EWUM, 1.4112
drylin® R steel shaft, low supported, SWUMN, 1.1213
drylin® R stainless steel shaft, low supported, EWUMN, 1.4112
drylin® R stainless steel shaft, partly supported, EWUM-ES, 1.411 …