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Short linear stroke against various shafts

The wear of iglidur® bearings in short linear strokes is to be tested. Among others, this involves analysing very short linear motions of 5mm at high frequency, like the ones occurring in actuators and in solenoid engineering. The intent of the test series is to determine the most wear-resistant iglidur® plain bearing material on various shafts for short linear stroke motions. An additional objective of the testing: coefficient of wear for the service life calculation on the Internet (iglidur® expert).


The wear characteristics vary from iglidur® material to iglidur® material on different shaft/counter partners during the testing. The results show that iglidur® materials operate with lower wear on hard-anodised aluminium versus mild steel (St37). It is worth noting that each shaft material has a matching iglidur® material that optimises wear, and vice-versa.

Wear results chart

Wear results


Wear results are available for all iglidur® materials against various shaft materials. The chart only shows an excerpt. Please contact us if you are interested in the results of other pairings.

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