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dry-tech® bearing technology


Confectionery manufacturing

Overview of materials used and application examples

To find in applications like:

Adjustment of conveyor belt

Weighing and metering systems

Application examples

Moisturising/spraying machine for bakery products

Moisturising/spraying machine for bakery products igubal® flange bearing in humidification unit for cookies and pretzels



Up to 1200km annual mileage possible


Slow, permanent rotary movement of v=0.1m/s

Chemical resistance even in continuous contact with alkaline solutions and cleaners.

Maintenance-free, self lubricating

Distance compensation in welded steel structures

Application examples of our customers

Baking and conveyor unit

In this baking and conveyor unit, drylin® T and drylin® N flat guides are used.

Chocolate decoration system

Decorations without lubricants by using the maintenance-free igubal® rod end bearings make any sweet most relishable.

Leaching system

In leaching systems and transport equipment, igubal® pillow block and flange bearings compensate for potential errors in the alignment of sheet metal equipment.

Cutting system for confectionary products

The „ConCut“ is a CNC-controlled cutting system for confectionary products.


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