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Energy chain applications

Energy chains and systems are the umbilical cords of modern machines. Their task is to supply energy and data to moving power consuming equipment safely and reliably.
Such equipment is constantly in motion and has to function reliably in difficult ambient conditions as well as under high levels of loads and at high speeds.
e-chain systems can be used in a wide variety of applications. Here, we would like to show you some practical examples.

Applications selected for you

Robot end effector

LOXIN decided in favour of the motion plastic specialist igus, which had exactly the right solution in the form of its triflex product range . These hose-like protective cages made of wear-resistant plastic follow even the more extreme 3D movements of industrial robots. The cables are protected against the mechanical stress caused by tensile load, torsion and expansion.

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Lignite excavator

Travels of 615m and in operation without failure since 2008

Compared to the previously installed festoon systems, e-chain systems of the 5050RHD series reduce the necessary cable lengths and the installation space needed. The 5050RHD series is used in the large lignite excavator in the Czech Republic. The travels amount to 615m.

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Short installation time, long service life

Beyer Maschinenbau GmbH was looking for an energy supply system that provides the stability and durability needed in its machines for the beverage industry. The E4.1L energy supply system from igus meets more than these requirements. Due to its design, it is easy to fill and assemble while being cable-friendly at the same time. It therefore shortens assembly times and ensures long-lasting cables.

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Laser cutting machines

Everything from a single source, tested reliability and fast installation

Thanks to a Kanban procedure, the customer receives the ready-to-install energy chain systems just-in-time at the installation location, as a result of which installation times are reduced and parts do not have to be stored.

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Production line conveyor

Avoid machine failures

An automotive supplier from Austria relies on igus smart plastics for these assembly lines in order to increase dependability and implement predictive maintenance.

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Applications with energy chains

easy chain series

Applications with the easy chain series  

E2 micro series

Applications with the E2 micro series  

E2/000 series

Applications with the E2/000 series  

E4.1 series

Applications with the E4.1 series  

E4/4 series

Applications with the E4/4 series  

E6 series

Applications with the E6 series  

triflex R series

Applications with the triflex R series  

rol e-chain series

Applications with the rol e-chain series  

Series P4

Applications with the P4 series  

micro flizz series

Applications with the micro flizz series  

guidelok series

Applications with the guidelok series  

twisterchain series

Applications with the twisterchain series  

twisterband series

Applications with the twisterband series  
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